unatti turns 20

Over two decades, Unatti Foundation has helped dozens of young girls move from surviving to thriving. With safe and secure housing, nutritious food, mental and physical health support, and secured education well beyond high school, our girls become extraordinary women.

Below are stories of survival and stories of triumph. We invite you to learn more about our work and become a sustaining donor with a monthly gift of $20.

We have New Sisters!
The Unatti Group Home for Girls welcomes two more sisters.
We Have New Sisters!
Today the Unatti family is thrilled to welcome 8 new Unatti sisters into the Unatti Group Home for Girls.
How Girls Come to Unatti
My name is Meeta and I am the Programs Manager at Unatti Foundation Nepal and I want to share how it is that girls come to live at the Unatti Group Home for Girls.
Its been 20 Years, A message from our Founder, Stephanie Waisler-Rubin
20 years at the helm of the Unatti Foundation has been the most wondrous, awe-inspiring, and expansive journey.
2021 marks the 20th anniversary year of Unatti Foundation
20 years of supporting young Nepali girls to transition from surviving to thriving.
As lockdown began, the dreaming began!
At Unatti Foundation, we teach our girls from the moment they join our family, that they have a choice for their future and every day is an opportunity to craft the life they can dream. So as lockdown began, the dreaming began.
Our Unatti girls have courage, they engage, and they are fierce.
Our Unatti girls have courage, they engage, and they are fierce. They do not shy away and they are not the circumstances that they were born into. They become nurses, medical technicians, social workers, green leaders, or whatever they choose to be. They give back to those less fortunate than they are and they care deeply about the world.
Unatti Foundation in People Magazine
Here’s a story of hope amid the devastation and destruction following the earthquake in Nepal. In the Kathmandu valley, a group of 20 young girls are…
Our girls have formed The Unatti Group Home For Girls Child Club
When you empower young girls, it is no surprise that they combine their creativity and compassion into forming their own club. Formed in February by seven members of the Unatti Group Home for Girls, these young leaders will focus on…
Born into Extreme Poverty, Now Shining in the Board Room
We are proud to share that one of our own Unatti girls is now a member of our Nepali Board of Directors. It warms our hearts to be able to provide such a great responsibility to such a deserving and competent young woman.…