We strive to help in many different aspects of the community. By choosing new causes, this allows us to elevate the community from multiple different angles and allows you to help us reach those goals.


We’re excited to bring you HER story, a monthly series featuring our Unatti Girls as we aim to give each of them empowering opportunities to use their voice and become leaders within their community. This month we’re celebrating Puja! Puja was…

Unatti Foundation in People Magazine
Here’s a story of hope amid the devastation and destruction following the earthquake in Nepal. In the Kathmandu valley, a group of 20 young girls are…
Our girls have formed The Unatti Group Home For Girls Child Club
When you empower young girls, it is no surprise that they combine their creativity and compassion into forming their own club. Formed in February by seven members of the Unatti Group Home for Girls, these young leaders will focus on…
Born into Extreme Poverty, Now Shining in the Board Room
We are proud to share that one of our own Unatti girls is now a member of our Nepali Board of Directors. It warms our hearts to be able to provide such a great responsibility to such a deserving and competent young woman.…
Our 2018 Achievements
With the arrival of our new Executive Director in Nepal, Anita Prajapti, and a new growing and passionate Nepali Board of Directors, - this has been a major year of transformation for the Unatti Foundation! For those of you who…