Born into Extreme Poverty, Now Shining in the Board Room
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We are proud to share that one of our own Unatti girls is now a member of our Nepali Board of Directors. It warms our hearts to be able to provide such a great responsibility to such a deserving and competent young woman. What a wonderful testament to the power of our Unatti programs. Prior to the Unatti Home, Rita was living in a small hut with her mother. She arrived hesitant and emotionally vulnerable waring time-worn shoes. Throughout the years at Unatti, Rita has grown into an impressive young woman. She graduated at the top of her high school class, has completed her second year of accounting college, and recently became the first Unatti girl to hold a position on the Nepali Board of Directors.  Rita serves as the treasurer.

“My Name is Rita and I was born into a very poor family in Bhaktapur, Nepal. When I was 6 years old my father passed away and I stopped going to school so I could help my mother at her work. In 2007 the burden became too much for my mother, so I moved into the Unatti Group Home for girls. I always thought I would study to become a nurse, but my Unatti Anutie saw my love for numbers and my high marks in math, so she helped me apply to accounting college. I see a bright future as an accountant. I was surprised and humbled when Stephanie mother began talking to me about serving on the Unatti Nepal Board of Directors treasurer. It makes me the most happy that I have the ability to giveback to the foundation that I love so much. I am so honored to hold an official position where I am helping to determine Unatti’s mission and goals. I will do everything I can to see that more girls get a chance for a great future, just like me.”