We have New Sisters!

We are very happy to introduce you to Sarmila, age 12 and her sister, Sapana, age 9, who joined the Unatti family 2 weeks ago, August 2021. They traveled 14 hours by bus to reach the Unatti Group Home for Girls, with their ailing grandmother at their side. Their journey from their rural village in the western part of Nepal was exhausting and arduous and also life changing.

The sisters have been raised by their grandparents who, at 64 years & 65 years, are quite elderly and in poor health due to a lifetime of extreme poverty, insufficient food supplies and emotional hardships. Their grandmother is suffering from heart disease. Sarmila and Sapana are aware of the scarcity in their family and are concerned for their grandparents health.

The sisters are keen to learn, but the government school near their remote village is lacking in every way, and without a quality school, the girls have been falling behind, but now enrolled in a high quality private school and academically supported by the Unatti housemothers, these sisters are already advancing academically.

We sincerely hope that with Sarmila and Sapana safe and supported at the Unatti Group Home for Girls, their grandparents' burdens might be lifted just enough to see the bright future that is now available for their granddaughters.