July 10, 2020
As lockdown began, the dreaming began!
Quarantine at Unatti - If you inspire a girl, the whole world can change under her light.

Whether near our headquarters in Los Angeles, or across the globe in Nepal, we have all come together to keep each other safe from Covid-19. During these unprecedented times, our Unatti girls are unable to leave the doors of their group home in Nepal and our professional team is working diligently to keep them safe.

We have amazing and dedicated housemothers, Nitu, Meeta, Mandira and Rajay. Each has committed to staying with our Unatti Girls 24/7 for 4 weeks at a time, limiting interaction with their own families to keep our girls safe and engaged. This is a testament to their amazing commitment to Unatti and we are honoring them with additional compensation during this time. Unatti is also continuing to pay full salaries for our administrative staff, cleaning crew and art teacher during lockdown to stay and/or work from home.

Bhaktapur is on true lockdown. Each ‘household’ is issued a government pass permitting them to go outside just once a day to purchase fresh groceries. After months of stay at home orders, they too, like our children here in the US, are experiencing strong feelings, emotions, and worries as they adjust to this new normal.

At Unatti Foundation, we teach our girls from the moment they join our family, that they have a choice for their future and every day is an opportunity to craft the life they can dream.

So as lockdown began, the dreaming began.

Unatti Foundation founder and photographer Stephanie Waisler Rubin and founding Board member and life coach Michelle Armoni jumped into action. They designed a six week course, delivered on Zoom , called Keeping it Positive. Using growth mindset and positive psychology practices, we have engaged the girls in purposeful, positive, and self-enhancing activities. They are beginning to understand their talents and truly feel how others see their gifts. We are very proud of the unabashed engagement of our girls in this work. Alongside their school assignments and our Keeping it Positive workshops, our girls have been cooking, crafting, meditating and getting creative with their time.

It has been proven that if you inspire a girl, the whole world can change under her light.

Our Unatti girls posing on the roof with their Keeping it Positive Workbooks
Unatti girls getting creative with color and photography during quarintine