The Unatti Girls’ Health Empowerment Education Program created in 2018, provides transparent and thorough health education to young girls and women in Nepal, the GHEEP will break myths and prevent discrimination especially around themes of menstruation and personal health. Unatti conducts scholastic workshops at government school where Unatti trained health workers visit classrooms and provide workshops about sexual & reproductive health and personal care.

An empowered and educated community of young girls will be prepared at the onset of menstruation, engage in open and shame-free discourse about personal health, have access to appropriate sanitary products, and normalize co-ed awareness around these themes.


What they learn

The Unatti Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides comprehensive programs for girls in Nepal who live in vulnerable situations. Through academic, health and life skills education, Nepali girls become enlightened, empowered leaders who are inspired to give back, benefitting the girls' communities and future generations locally and around the world.