Unatti Foundation sponsors 13 years of formal primary school education, plus an additional 4 years of college or vocational training for all residents of the Unatti Group Home for Girls.  The Unatti K-12 School Sponsorship program provides tuition, books, supplies and uniforms, as well as after-school tutors to help with school work and to create an enthusiastic and supportive culture of learning that extends beyond the classroom. 

As the first wave of our students become young adults, the Unatti Foundation is committed to helping them sustain a culture of happiness, personal safety, and professional success.  Our individual sponsorship of these young women is tailor-made to each individual’s specific needs, including providing advanced-education tuition, room and board, and professional and personal mentorships. The Unatti Foundation is committed to ensuring these young women emerge confident in their own abilities to create long-term stability for themselves and their families, and to live rich and fulfilling lives.