The Unatti Foundation sponsors 13 years of formal primary school education, along with an additional 4 years of college or vocational training, for all residents of the Unatti Group Home for Girls. Through the Unatti K-12 School Sponsorship program, residents receive tuition, books, supplies, and uniforms, as well as access to after-school tutors who provide academic support and foster a culture of enthusiastic learning beyond the classroom.

Additionally, the Unatti Foundation extends support to girls in our community who come from safe and caring homes but whose families cannot afford to keep them in
school. This Community Education Program offers academic scholarships, academic tutoring, mental health support, and engagement in activities at the
Unatti Group Home for Girls.

As the initial cohort of Unatti girls transition into young adulthood, the Unatti Foundation remains steadfast in its commitment to fostering a culture of happiness, personal safety, and professional success for them. Our college sponsorship program is meticulously tailored to meet each individual's unique requirements, encompassing advanced education tuition, accommodation, meals, and access to professional and personal mentorship opportunities. The Unatti Foundation is dedicated to empowering these young women to emerge with confidence in their capabilities, enabling them to establish long-term stability for themselves and their families while leading rich and fulfilling lives.