Community Sponsorship Program

In an effort to support girls from families unable to afford education, the Unatti Foundation has broadened its educational sponsorships, making a greater impact in our community.

By extending our reach beyond the Unatti Group Home for Girls, we are now offering 60 new scholarships to girls in the community who face similar challenges.

This initiative provides these young girls with access to educational sponsorships, academic tutoring, mental health support, and the opportunity to participate in Unatti family events. These comprehensive wrap-around programs create a supportive environment where the girls can thrive.

Embraced by the Unatti family, these deserving young girls start their day with a warm breakfast at Unatti. They attend school and return to us for homework circle time. In the evenings, they go back to their modest one-room homes, where their loving mother or father finds solace in knowing their daughters are supported by the caring and compassionate arms of the Unatti Foundation. Through this program, we are fostering a brighter future for these girls and strengthening our community as a whole.