Formed in February 2016 by seven members of the Unatti Group Home for Girls, these young leaders focus on positively impacting their community in Bhaktapur. In their own words, the “club is formed with a unity of different religions, castes, creeds and ages for the social, mental, physical and intellectual development of children.” 

To date, the club has been running a tutoring class for community children. Participants range in age from 6 to 12 and are provided educational support. This is especially helpful for those children with illiterate or uneducated parents who also often also suffer from neglect. 

We couldn’t be prouder of this group of visionaries and have learned from Sarosowti, our Unatti Girl Club President, that some of the major objectives for the club include

• To raise awareness about child education, health and intellectual development to parents in the community of Bhaktapur

• To encourage children to participate in ongoing community service activities

• To publish informative pamphlets and posters about child rights

• To stop child labour and abuse

These are certainly lofty and important goals and it is not lost on us that these girls have been the beneficiary of so much support and instead of taking that for granted, they have taken it upon themselves to spread opportunity throughout their community. They continue to be our heroes!


What they learn

The Unatti Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides comprehensive programs for girls in Nepal who live in vulnerable situations. Through academic, health and life skills education, Nepali girls become enlightened, empowered leaders who are inspired to give back, benefitting the girls' communities and future generations locally and around the world.