At Unatti Foundation, we are embarking on our 22nd year of empowering dozens of young girls to transition from surviving to thriving. Since July 2021, eleven new girls have joined the Unatti family, each beginning a journey towards a life full of opportunities. In our community, no girl ever goes to bed hungry again; here, education, individual interests, and passions are celebrated, and most importantly, one's caste or circumstances of birth hold no significance.

The girls in our Unatti family live together for up to 15 years, and your sustaining sponsorship provides them with the foundation they deserve: a safe and supportive home, nurturing caretakers, vitamin-rich food, therapeutic counseling, and school tuition.

Join our Sponsorship Circle today and help transform hopelessness into empowerment with a recurring donation! Your contribution of $1750 annually or $146.00 monthly can make a significant impact.

Alternatively, consider joining our Community Education Circle, where your support can provide a year of school plus wraparound services to one girl in our community. A contribution of $550 annually or $46.00 monthly recurring can help shape a brighter future.

For those who wish to support even further, join our Make Her Dream Circle and help a girl reach new heights with a three-year college education. Your contribution of $3000 annually or $250 monthly recurring can open doors to endless possibilities.

Together, let's create a world where every girl has the opportunity to thrive. Join us in making a difference today!