GHEEP Workshops

Through GHEEP, we provide menstrual health education to 10,000 girls, and boys by holding menstrual health workshops in local Nepali schools.

Because our GHEEP program is successful, an empowered and educated community of young girls will be prepared at the onset of menstruation to engage in open and shame-free discourse about personal health, will have access to appropriate sanitary products, and will normalize co-ed peer awareness around these themes.

Unatti Foundation also has distributed 5000 “My First Period” packs to young girls in school. Each pack contains an informational booklet, 10 Sanitary pads, 1 reusable cloth pads, 1 bar of soap, 1 washable period panties, 1 washcloth, and 1 period tracking calendar.

Please support GHEEP and help end period stigma today!

Together we can normalize periods and bring dignity to girls in Nepal.