We’re excited to bring you HERstory, a monthly series featuring our Unatti Girls as we aim to give each of them empowering opportunities to use their voice and become leaders within their community. 

Puja's Story

This month we’re celebrating Puja!

Puja was one of the first five girls who took up residence 17 years ago when we opened the Unatti Group Home for Girls in 2002. Throughout her long connection to the Unatti Foundation, Puja has served as a surrogate big sister to all of the girls.  In the words of Unatti’s founder,Stephanie, “What I love most about Puja is she has always been an incredible role model to her younger Unatti sisters. She has big dreams, a huge heart and a determined spirit.”

While Puja is always going to care for her little sisters, we’re proud that she has since graduated out of residency at the Unatti Home and lives in Kathmandu with her aunt. Our programs are designed to make sure that after primary education is completed, our young girls are supported as they become mature and independent young adults with career paths that can sustain their independence, health and impact on the region. 

As a perfect example of this strategic educational path, we are proud that with the support of our generous donors, we are able to provide Puja further financial support to study Environmental Sciences in college. She has an emphasis on Forestry, and is so passionate about it! She is at the top of her class and loves spending time in nature.  In her studies, she’s required to give presentations to all of her peers and is consistently showing up as a leader in her program.

When asked to reflect on her University Experience so far, Puja wrote,

“For a few months, I felt like studying nature is not something I want to do in college. But I went with the flow and decided to embrace this uncertain field of study.  In my first term, I topped my college ranking and that was when things actually started changing for me. I felt the world rush in my veins. I started working harder and challenging myself to become more focused and driven. Ultimately, I started loving being in nature and practicing field work. I topped my college again in the 2nd semester. The immense pride and joy I felt at that moment could not be explained in words. All these achievements have only encouraged me to do more and be grateful for the opportunities I have because of Unatti.”

We’re so proud of all that you’ve accomplished so far, Puja and can’t wait to see what the future holds for you!