Our 2018 Achievements
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With the arrival of our new Executive Director in Nepal,Anita Prajapti, and a new growing and passionate Nepali Board of Directors, – this has been a major year of transformation for the Unatti Foundation! For those of you who have been supporting us through multiple advances, I’m sure you’ll join us in feeling immensely proud of how impactful our time, donations, and passion have been.


Look how far we’ve come!

Some of the highlights of our accomplishments in 2018 include:

• We welcomed two new young girls Rashmi age 8 and Roshani age 10 into the Unatti Group Home for Girls.

• We are the first in our region to provide therapeutic mental health support in both individual and group therapy sessions on a weekly basis to all Unatti girls. We have already seen measurable emotional growth in our girls!

• We are covering the full cost of 6 girls who are enrolled in full-time professional and career colleges.

• We are providing subsidized housing for 5 graduates from our Unatti Group Home for Girls as they transition into adulthood and career paths.

• We continue to host free art classes for the children of Bhaktapur at Unatti Art & Music Center.

• We distributed backpacks and school supplies to 300+ students in rural schools.

• We have extended healthcare coverage and retirement savings funds to all full-time Nepali caregivers, staff and administrators.

• We hosted community workshops in Sexual and Reproductive Health and Girls Rights and distributed reusable menstruation kits.

• We have signed a new lease for our currently rented Unatti Home for an additional 6 years.

• Sangita, our eldest Unatti graduate is not only a licensed nurse and happily married to an young Nepali hydro-engineer, she gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby boy. The young family is adjusting to the new addition, and Sangita is looking forward to returning to work at the hospital in a few months and her mother-in-law will look after the baby.

As always, we are thinking ahead and plan to continue this great work into 2019. As more of our girls graduate from primary and secondary school, we’ll continue to assist them through transitions to adulthood and careers to confirm and support their independence.

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