2021 marks the 20th anniversary year of Unatti Foundation

Safe and stable housing.

Nutritious food.

Mental and physical health.

Access to education.


These are the minimums we need to survive – and if this year of global upheaval has taught us anything, it is that taking care of each other is the bare minimum we can do.

But what if you - or a child you love – had none of this? What if the best they could hope for was simply to survive?

At Unatti Foundation, we are entering the 20th year of supporting dozens of young girls to  transition from surviving to thriving.

To mark our incredible milestone, we have set an ambitious goal to have 200 supporters become a sustaining donor with a monthly $20 recurring donation over the course of a year. And, we would love you to be one of them.

For young girls in Nepal, there are far too many obstacles to a safe and secure future.

If monthly giving isn't your style, we invite you to donate $20, $200, or $2,000 as an honorarium to allow us to continue helping these young girls overcome obstacles they were born into and begin to realize their potential and truly thrive.

In order for you to experience how lives change because of your generous support, we will be sharing stories throughout this year of the girls and women who make up the Unatti Family and how your contribution has made a difference.

We will welcome new girls into the Unatti Home in April 2021 that will need your help to begin their journey to becoming healthy, independent, and thriving young adults.

We can’t do it without you. And neither can they.

Thank you for 20 years of support!


Stephanie Waisler-Rubin

Founder, Unatti Foundation