Unatti Girls First Ever Photographic Exhibition

To support our young girls during the pandemic, Unatti Foundation's professional team and lay leadership has worked diligently to develop their sense of growth and potential as they envision their pathway for the future.


Through weekly workshops, the girls discovered passions for everything from becoming vocal sensations and visual artists to uplifting the poor or telling stories as  photographic journalists.

Our live Zoom art opening was a huge success. Our girls shared their stories and introduced themselves with strength, beauty and stunning poise! 

We further invite you to our incredible virtual photographic art gallery to see our girl’s inspired work. A portion of each purchase will go to both the artist’s savings account and toward Unatti’s Art and Music Center which provides free classes to all local children, bringing community and creativity and inspiring young minds.

These are the visions of our dreamers; girls who want to inspire the world.

Please enjoy the journey through their eyes in our virtual reality art gallery.